We’ve all seen shows where someone gets a hold of a time machine, stumbles into a portal, or steps into an alternate reality generator, and the main character is tossed into a space, unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Rick and Morty, Bill and Ted, Futurama, Star Trek. . . you get the picture. Alternate realities are a favorite theme of visual art makers and storytellers -- not only does it give us a chance to explore beyond the walls of our homes, but it gives us new dynamics to contemplate. Those sparks of inspiration have been the seeds for many of the comics, animations, games, and shows we love. We wanted to see what we might create if we randomized a world's important assets and came up with a book that shows the incredible diversity of imagination, adventure, and folklore of exciting new worlds (with a little roll of the cosmic dice!)  
And finally... Here are my 4 prompts, totally random, but also kind of perfect...
Environment: POST-FIRE REGROWTH  |  Resource/Element: TEXTILES  | Culture: RITUALISTIC | At the time of: THE LONG SLEEP
Keep on scrolling to view some of my inspiration photos, sketches, concepts, etc that helped me come up with the final painting- it was a surprisingly challenging brainstorm session, but man, is this ever fun! I am looking forward to expanding on this little enchanted gnome world real soon...
THIS little mushroom study is a sketch from my sketchbook, just before I had my AHA moment... I really really love these Pentel Touch pens, by the way!
This photo isn't mine, but it captures the "Post Fire regrowth" environment and aesthetics of a lush forest floor so well. I used to live in the woods as a child (I was a small town country kid), and I would imagine that fairies lived there, making their homes out of mushroom, fallen trees, flowers, extension grass... Cottagecore to the fullest!

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