I created a new little doodle of myself, since it has been quite awhile! It is so weird to see such a big shift of aesthetics in my work, but that just shows that 2020 has affected my 'artist brain' more than I realized. The old me used to exclusively use muted jewel tones, faded pastels, very light outlines (if any at all), and darker atmospheres with dramatic lighting. The NEW Kaija loves BRIGHT saturated colors inspired by 60's/70's "Mod", Art Nouveau, and Boho (still using mostly pinks, purples, blues in my color pallete but HEY, do what you love!)... My work also is showing more thick and flowing linework, diverse body types, PLANTS, and anything that sparks JOY. I want to look at my art and feel a spark of magic, happiness, calm nostalgia, and also a little inspired to go on a redecorating shopping spree at Anthropologie. That's my start to 2021, I can't wait to take you along on my art adventures!

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