Created this little digital illustration on a whim over the weekend! I was inspired to do a 're-creation' of something vintage (art/decor), and it just so happens that a creative friend of mine was showing her awesome collection recently. I knew when I saw her adorable Lefton planters that I needed to draw one of those in my own style :) Here is the result of a cute little cottage girl and her goose (or duck?). You'll see many more of these coming up in the future- they're pretty darn fun to draw!
Below you'll see some of my sketches and research... I knew I wanted to re-create one of the cute scenes of a cottage girl and her duck/goose, and some wildflowers. A lot of the figurines I found in Google searches were so adorably crafted, in a "nailed it" sort of way, and I wanted to give a nod to that in my re-creation. I now know that I'll be practicing expressions much more in upcoming pieces!

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